Big eyes on a tiny budget : Pierre René Professional Eyebrow Set & Hi-Tech Mascara*

Hi guys !
I've been meaning to talk about those two Pierre René Professional products for some time now. I have already talked about Pierre René Professional makeup here. This Polish brand offers affordable and outstanding makeup for instance, their semi-matte lipsticks or their matte eyeshadows I'm crazy about.

I am still trying out all the makeup they have sent me to review and I've been using their Brown Eyebrow Set and their Hi-Tech mascara for a while now ! It's high time I talked about them here.

Want to have big sexy eyes ? Keep reading !

Pierre René Professional Brown Eyebrow Set

I usually just fill in my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil from Max & More and that's it. I have heard many great things about the ELF eyebrow kit but I was actually drooling over the Pierre René eyebrow set when I visited their website. I was so happy when I found out they'd sent me one !

It's compact and sturdy : it won't open on its own when you carry it throughout the day in your handbag. It's simple for it contains one transparent wax, three different shades of brown as well as a double-ended eyeliner brush. 
There is no actual tool to brush the eyebrows though which can be a drawback but I do not regret the absence of mini-tweezers (when they're too small, they're too difficult to use !).

Above you can see what the three brown eyeshadows look like from the fairest to the darkest. I love just how you can use it whether you're fair-haired or have dark brown hair. If you happen to have black eyebrows, they also have a grey eyebrow set.

It's easy to use : all you have to do is apply the wax on the whole eyebrow and fill it with the eyeshadow. Either you use the closest shade of eyeshadow for a natural look or a darkest shade to get a more dramatic look.
On the first picture, I am not wearing any makeup whereas I have applied the medium brown eyeshadow on the second one. The result was natural and my eyebrows had a beautiful shape throughout the day, I am in love ! I have used the darkest eyeshadow and I had a more glamour and severe look.
And you know what ? It costs less than €4
Let's move on to the second wonderful product : the Pierre René Professional Hi-Tech mascara. I have gotten two mascaras in the parcel and I love both of them dearly ! I will be talking about the other one soon.
Pierre René Professional Hi-Tech Mascara

I like the packaging : a flat black tube with silver writings. I love all kinds of mascara brushes but my favorite are small silicone or plastic brushes. This one has many small spikes so all eyelashes get covered ! It's really amazing.

On the top left picture, I am not wearing any mascara. On the other three pictures, I am wearing the Hi-Tech mascara. It has this slight curling effect but what is mostly noticeable is how the formula and the brush lenghtens the eyelashes. If you have short and/or fair eyelashes, just get this asap ! It costs less than €4.50... This is a bargain and up to now I'm in love with Pierre René cosmetics !

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Do you know this brand ? Are you eager to try out their products ? What are your favorite cheap makeup brands ?

*These products were provided by the brand to be reviewed. I did not pay for them.