[Monday Shadow Challenge #9] Pop Turquoise

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
This week's color for the Monday Shadow Challenge is turquoise. I like this color very much but I had very little inspiration for it this week. You know the feeling, when you think you've forgotten everything you've learned once you're before your exam paper ? That's the feeling. This is the second makeup I've created for the challenge. The first one became messy after mixing dark colors together and the cloudy weather was pissing me off - I thought yesterday's great sunny weather was perfect to try creating a new makeup.

The eye makeup

Unlike what I usually do, I've used very little makeup here. I've unified my eyelids with the Semi-Sweet Coconut Cream eyeshadow and defined the crease with two eyeshadows : the blue Ore Stone from Zoeva's Mixed Metals and the bright red eyeshadow from the Miss Cop quad I'll probably write about soon.

Then I applied some Mazarine Blue from Coastal Scents and the same Miss Cop red eyeshadow in alternate touches. I wet them so they'd look more intense. I underlined my eyes with the same purple color I used for my lip makeup. Then I just used the black Mixed Metals eyeshadow as a light eyeliner and applied one layer of my brand-new Sephir Silky Black mascara and that was just about it !

Lip Makeup

I am in love with unusual lip colors these days. My first attempt at creating this makeup consisted of a mix of turquoise and navy for the eyes and a bright shiny orange lip makeup. I changed my mind then and chose a dark purple color from another Miss Cop quad. I mixed the purple eyeshadow with some Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipgloss in Free that I already used in last week's makeup to create a turquoise dripping lip effect.
I guess I should have used a lipliner before applying the mix and I advise you do so too because the eyeshadow will just slip right into the lip wrinkles.

The face makeup

I used even less makeup for my face than I did last week : only a bit of blush from the MR Ultra Contour Kit in Ultra Fair, a touch of Mary-Lou Manizer and some bronzer from the Ultra Contour Palette. I guess I should have spent more time on my face makeup especially because the left side of my face starts blushing just when I want to take pics of my makeup looks ! And you can also see an amazing thick brown bronzer stroke on my right cheek... u.u. It's okay, you learn from your mistakes, right ?

I applied some of the average brown eyeshadow from the Pierre René Eyebrow Kit without the wax because I wanted to use the Essence Lash & Brow transparent mascara. I love this one and the result is neat and natural, love it !

What do you think of this almost neutral makeup ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
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