[Spring Outfit #2] Casual with an edge

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Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
The sky is already spotlessly blue and the sun is already shining bright for such an early hour - this is going to be a wonderful day. I don't know why I wanted to wait for the sun to come back to post my second spring outfit. That's an outfit I often wear because I love how casual and fashion it is : I can wear it for a shopping spree or to go skateboarding all the same.

I've had this tunic for two or three years now - I've had it on sale from Mim. I love the woodcutter pattern and how soft the colors are : they're perfect for any season. I've buttoned the shirt up to the last button and I've chosen to wear a man's jacket so as to get a classy edge despite the woodcutter pattern - "hipster" would be an appropriate term these days.

I've chosen to wear a transparent nail polish - probably a Cien topcoat : it's so fast-drying that I especially love this one lately. So as to match the brownish tones of my shirt, I'm wearing a golden and black Primark ring I got last year.

I've chosen a simple makeup : some mascara and a nude shade on my lips. I've applied the Nuxe Rêve de Miel lipbalm and two layers of the Nyx Cocoa lipstick - a nice creamy brownish nude.

Black jeans and my small black and golden Primark bag match the Camaïeu man's jacket I wear unbuttoned. To finish the look, I'm wearing black paint splattered Van's Era shoes. I love Van's that have holes in them - they're not to wear during the rain but I think there's extra fashion in them.

The sunglasses are Alain Afflelou glasses : I love how big they are and the fashion edgy look they give to this outfit. The scarf is a basic chocolate-colored pashmina that I've chosen so as not to add even more black to the outfit.
My septum piercing is a silvery pointy piercing with strass that comes from Crazy Factory.

I love how I mixed different pieces of clothing : a chic jacket, a checked shirt, Van's shoes, fashion Ray-Ban-like glasses... That's exactly the kind of look I love creating and wearing often.

Man's Jacket - Camaïeu
Tunic - Mim
Brown pashmina - No brand
Sunglasses - Alain Afflelou
Septum Piercing - Crazy Factory
Jeans - H&M Black High Waist
Shoes - Van's Era Paint Splattered
Bag & Ring - Primark

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Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
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