2GY in Paris : The tacky Piercing Studio you should NEVER get pierced in !

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Today's a quick - not so quick - and urgent post to remind ignorant people on the topic of piercings that paying a high price for a piercing is actually a matter of health. There is a piercing shop in Paris, Porte de Saint-Ouen called 2GY that makes you pay €20 for most of the piercings - and gives you a coupon so you'll pay €15 the next time you come.

I've been wanting a double tragus piercing for some time now - I've got my right tragus pierced in London during my August vacation and I've been really interested in putting two tiny opals in a double tragus for a few months now. I usually pay full price for my piercings and I usually get pierced in piercing studios that are renowned for their good work. I didn't know much about 2GY but I didn't see negative comments on the Internet about this percing studio so I took a chance and went to the shop. Now, I wonder if maybe some of the reviews about this percing studio were fake. The Facebook page shows piercings made by David ; I've seen none that were looking weird or anything so I didn't get frightened. On the other hand, the tattoos they do look absolutely awful but that's yet another topic.
The website itself doesn't look very professional but I know that many companies still don't have very professional-looking websites - and many piercing studios don't even have a website. I wasn't shocked by the mistake in the word "Septum" that became "Septrum" on the website because everyone makes mistakes with a keyboard and when I've been to the studio, I've heard and seen the world correctly said and spelled "septum" so I wasn't shocked or alarmed or anything.

I went to 2GY on September 10th, signed a paper and paid in advance like I've always done in the 4 or 5 piercing shops I've been to up to now and then patiently waited till it was my turn ; there was just a little girl getting her lobes pierced before me. €35 for both tragus piercings, it does sound like a great bargain when it's the price of only one elsewhere.
The piercing studio is not cleaner or filthier than any other piercing studio I've been to before, it's a simple piercing studio with piercings lined up behind windows like in any such place. Nothing weird, nothing extraordinary either.

There's actually not much wait, I enter the piercing room and the piercer fetches some surgical jewelry because he has none left in the piercing room - I have the time to look around and see that the room is all clean and that apparently, this David Courty piercer has some diplomas or certifications from Great-Britain and the piercing shop has its equivalent in London. It doesn't mean it's renowned or anything but I feel more confident after seeing all this.

Getting pierced
I like talking to the piercer before he butchers me, I like knowing what the gauge will be, how he's going to pierce me and all, because that way I'm more confident. David came back with the surgical jewelry and asked me what I wanted and I answered "a double tragus piercing". "A double tragus piercing ? What's that, a double tragus ? A surface piercing ?".
Oh my God oh my God oh my God. Is he kidding or something ? I get a bit scared, if a surface tragus piercing was the same thing as a double tragus piercing, it would be widely known and there wouldn't be two different names for the same thing. Second of all, he tells me he's going to put in a 12 mm-long labret - what the...?! Looking back, I know it was but a cheap piercer test, but that's the first and the last time I'll go to a cheap-ass piercer. I really wanted to see if the bad reputation around cheap piercing shops were undue but no, they are actually founded. 12 mm is way too long for a tragus, if the piercing is straight, you'll see the piercing sticking out all the time but mine never did ; that's a first good clue that he did shit, isn't it ?
I got the first tragus done, it didn't really hurt ; I've already got my tragi pierced twice or thrice and so I know the feeling - but when he took the catheter out and put the jewel in, it hurt a lot - usually, putting the jewel in doesn't hurt, it's just not a sweet loving feeling. My pain threshold was apparently attained for the second tragus really did hurt - later, I understood that the piercer took so much cartilage off that it could only hurt - the end of the labret got almost inside the ear. It only all lasted five minutes tops and then I was good to go - I bought a €5 bottle of ITC Piercing disinfectant first to desinfect my piercings. I noted he didn't disinfect my tragi once he was done, just absorbed the blood with a Q-Tip.

Several days passed and the disinfection gets more and more painful ; I've had much, much trouble disinfecting them the first few days because it hurt like hell. It's understandable for such young piercings but it was too painful for too long so I started suspecting something was wrong. I had a pain down the entire left jaw, trouble smiling and yawning... I forced myself to disinfect the whole piercing thoroughly which was pretty difficult because it was so deeply pierced and I figured that the color was not normal. At all. I know lymph because I've had about a dozen piercings in my life, I know what that looks like. And that's not dark yellow.

The after piercing
Yesterday, I went to the Black & White Tattoo piercing studio in Saint-Quentin en Yvelines, the closest piercer to home - let's put it that way : he was shocked when he saw how the piercings were done at a wrong angle. The bottom piercing didn't hurt anymore but the top one hurt like hell. There's no other way of saying it. After he told me off, the piercer simply explained that given the angle, the length and the way the piercings were done, I had to either remove them right away or go to the emergency later and maybe get my tragus cut off. Given I did want to keep my ear in one piece, I asked that he take both out right away - the top one really did hurt and the piercer confirmed what I already suspected - I had pus running from the top hole. After he disinfected my piercings, the piercer advised I leave my tragus alone for about a month and then I could repierce it again if I want to.
There is no way the Saint-Quentin en Yvelines and the Saint-Ouen piercing shops compare. Meanwhile, I'll disinfect it everyday and kick myself for this experience !

Moral of the story
Test of a cheap piercer : not good. 10 days of piercing and hurting. 0 day of actually enjoying my news babies.
Run, run, fast and far away from 2GY except if you want to be pierced at wrong angles and sizes - the piercer acts like he knows shit but... the infection will be just around the corner.
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