6 Blogs I discovered... and loved in September 2016 ♥

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
And so another month ends with another selection of great blogs on Tissam Est Là ! I've found some exciting new blogs between the very end of August and today. I've made a selection of my very favorite as well as the posts that led me to these blogs in the first place - as per usual. Four out of the six are in French and the two remaining are in English - enjoy ! :D

I've discovered Alexandra's blog thanks to her post about Urban Decay's Alice through the looking glass eyeshadow palette - she posted some really beautiful pictures, on point swatches and really nice makeup looks ; I love seeing her creations. I think she publishes a new article about once a week and I love to discover new things on her blogs. I personnally don't really know how to take beautiful pics of my makeups so I enjoy hers all the more ! 


Louise's Monday Shadow Challenge makeup looks attracted me in the first place and keep me coming back : I love how creative and edgy she can be. I did discover her blog thanks to her chocolate Priestess makeup, an ethnic, tribal, maybe traditionnal too? makeup and it really gave me the urge to see more - and there's more seeing as most of her posts are makeup looks !


Ah, Le Blog de La Cocotte, Alexia's blog, is a pure, delicate blog, you could almost mistake it for a beauty parlor website ! Its author is also really beautiful and delicate too, you'll understand when you see her. Her posts' shape remind me of a newspaper and her blog looks very professional and I love to read what she had to say. I also discovered her blog thanks to a makeup, a nude one this time.


I don't know why I went on Let's Talk Beauty, Serena's Blog for the first time - I think it might be for one of her numerous makeup looks, which is what she almost exclusively does - I love it. I really love the fact that she does looks I feel like I could do at home, they're not too artistic and not too much for my still-clumsy left hand - I love this feeling I've had the first time I saw her blog with her excellent Green Smoke makeup - simple yet so pretty.
I also love to look at her pictures, her blending skills and her breath taking creations and her mastering of the camera... I love it !


The last two blogs are in English. The first one is Makeup and Beauty Blog, Karen's blog : she opened it in 2007 and she has guest posts from time to time, something I love because it's really useful. I discovered this one thanks to a post about Nabla Cosmetics, a brand I have a few things from that I can't bring myself to use - I'm afraid of messing them up ! EVERY single thing is interesting on this blog, I could stay in her makeup section for hours on end, it is 906 pages long ! I learn so many things when I'm on Karen's blog : I'm in love with it.


The last gem I found this month is Miss Makeup Magpie, Gemma's blog. It's a super well made blog, very cute and the kind of blog I love to wander on because I know I'm going to learn or discover something there anyway. This time, I was looking for information about Neve Cosmetics' Elegantissimi eyeshadow palette before buying it. As you might have seen right here, I've become a Neve Cosmetics junkie in no time !
Gemma mostly shares reviews about products, I love this kind of post - you never know what'll be the next trend or the next thing on my wishlist ! Do you know one or several of these blogs ? What are your favorite blogs right now ?
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
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